The Mock Medical School Interview

Posted by Kayana Marks

I could feel the nervous energy circulating around the room as each of us waited. Waited for the opportunity to get it right, to learn, to correct our mistakes before we could even make them. We were all silently, nervously waiting for our mock medical school interview to begin. This was the time for each of us to learn how to dazzle our future medical school interviewers and secure that spot that was almost in our grip.

As the intern at Wilson-Stronks, I was invited to attend the American Medical Association, Commission to End Health Care Disparities (CEHCD) meeting along with Amy Wilson-Stronks, MPP, CPHQ, who served as the keynote speaker at this event. I had the greatest opportunity, as an aspiring medical student, to round out the weekend by participating in the Mock Medical School Interview Program that the CEHCD conducts at their meetings. This program gives students “the opportunity…to experience what it takes to successfully prepare for a medical school interview…[by] meet[ing] with physicians and health care professionals”. I am so thankful that I was able to participate in this event because walking into an interview not knowing what to expect can always be a scary thing.

I was interviewed by Dr. Arthur Fleming and I believe my interview went well overall. Dr. Fleming was very personable and had a lot of insight on what to expect as I apply to medical school. He also had a lot of knowledge on the subject I was most interested about, the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), the test that every student applying to medical school in the U.S. needs to take. With my second testing date around the corner he confirmed the score that I should be working towards and reassured me that it will come with hard work and perseverance.

At the close of the event the healthcare professionals that volunteered their time reminded us of a few key points: always ask questions, be sure to convey deep compassion, know about current events, know how to sell yourself, be ready to explain what is going to sustain you through your journey, and be able to explain what got you to where you are. With all these key points in mind I believe I’m ready to master those interviews.

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