One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Our consulting services are driven by our advocacy for quality and guided by our strong research foundation. We are committed to helping clients achieve goals through evidence-based practice to effect change.

There is no one size fits all solution to creating a healthcare system that meets each of these quality domains, but working collaboratively we can act collectively to support care that helps healthcare organizations deliver the highest quality care to every patient served.

Quality Assessments

Using our proven assessment and evaluation techniques, we apply our research skills to gather data to benchmark your performance. Our Assessments include:

  • Organization Culture Assessments
  • Language Access and Effective Communication Assessments for Organizations and Departments
  • Diversity Capacity Inventories
  • Public Health Department Cultural Competence Assessments
  • Student Experience Assessments for Health Professional Schools

We take a multi-model evaluative approach that combines aggregate quality data, organizational survey data, and in-depth qualitative evaluation through focus groups, key informant interviews, and policy review. Our assessments give clients the information they need to enact change to improve patient safety, care quality and outcomes.

Quality Improvement and Outcomes Management

Communication is the leading cause of preventable medical errors. Patients who have language and communication barriers are at increased risk for poor health outcomes. In addition, legal, regulatory, and accreditation requirements include that language access services are available in healthcare organizations to facilitate communication. Let us help you design a Language Access Plan, evaluate your interpreter and translation services department, train your staff on how to work effectively with an interpreter, or create a cost-effective system for making translated written materials available.

Compliance and Risk Reduction

  • Managing Accreditation Requirements
  • Meeting Legal Requirements for Language Access
  • Reducing Risk through Cultural Competence and Diversity Management

Training and Facilitated Discussions

Wilson-Stronks, LLC provides training on a variety of topics related to quality improvement through improved organizational communication, patient-provider communication, and cross discipline discussions. We help health care organizations and health care practitioners realize their capacity to provide culturally competent, patient-centered care. We work to optimize group and entity communication dynamics to improve communication, collaboration and creative contributions to work paradigms.

Meeting Facilitation

Do you spend more time managing your meetings or retreats than participating? Would you like to spend more time listening and engaging with your colleagues and staff and less time keeping time and managing discussion?

Wilson-Stronks has experience facilitating meetings. From executive retreats to community advisory boards, we can help you get more from your meetings.

Technical Assistance

Our experienced and expert team guides client organizations to develop effective interventions that support effective patient-provider communication, improved patient safety, and compliance with law, regulation, professional practice and accreditation standards. Wilson-Stronks draws upon proven success, long experience and extensive knowledge to guide the development of an action plan based on the individualized needs of each institution. They can assist with convening work teams, writing policy, formulating and measuring educational plans and motivating change in the face of resistance.

Technical Writing

We provide resources for technical writing, grant writing, policy development, medical editing, press releases and authoring white papers and professional publications. We can incorporate health literacy awareness for your materials development and offer guidance on translation quality so you can more effectively connect to your community.