Putting Patients in Patient


Healthcare is complex. There are multiple players and multiple opportunities for misunderstanding. Amy Wilson-Stronks and Deborah Caputo Rosen have been advocates for improved patient care across the continuum for their entire careers. They have worked with a variety of populations both in and outside of healthcare settings.

As a Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), Amy worked with a family struggling to provide a safe and permanent home for a young child born to an imprisoned mother. She also worked to help improve services for patients with ALS as the Chair for Patient Services of the ALSA Chicago Chapter, later being recognized with the Martha Kucharski Founders Award for her efforts.

Deborah Caputo Rosen sees herself as a “servant leader.” She was an early supporter of family-centered maternity care and specialist in perinatal bereavement services. Deborah developed school, hospital, and community programming and partnerships that provided at-risk students with academic support, mentoring, and healthcare employment opportunities, achieving a 100% graduation rate among program completers.

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Affiliation & Partners

Wilson-Stronks advocates for healthcare improvements to create safer healthcare environments by sharing information, participating in and supporting advocacy organizations, and collaborating across disciplines to champion ways to improve health care. Some of the organizations we support include:
PULSE of NY Grass Roots Patient Advocacy and Patient Safety
National Council on Interpreting in Health Care
GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality
Tanenbaum Center for Interreligous Understanding


Currently, one focus of Wilson-Stronks’ consumer advocacy is patient-provider communication efficacy. In order to raise awareness of the perils of ineffective patient-provider communication and the need to develop and promote resources and services that support effective communication, Wilson-Stronks offers a number of programs:

•Patient Advocacy Training
•Communications Trainingfor Healthcare Professionals
•Advancing Health Equity
Putting Patients Back in Patient Safety