Who We Are

Wilson-Stronks, LLC is an independent firm founded in 2011 that works to improve healthcare through advocacy, consulting, and research. We provide critical, outside-of-the-box program evaluation, strategy and technical assistance to our clients.


Our Guiding Principles and Core Values define our work:

  • All people are valuable and deserve dignity and respect.
  • All patients need an advocate and/or support person 24/7 when in the healthcare environment/receiving healthcare services.
  • Patients need to be empowered and healthcare providers need to know how to collaborate with empowered patients and their advocates.
  • Social Justice requires ongoing efforts toward shared understanding.
  • Healthcare quality and safety depend on effective communication: bidirectional, accurate, complete, timely, and culturally responsive.


Some areas in which we focus our expertise include:

  • Healthcare Quality Improvement
  • Patient Safety and Risk Reduction
  • Compliance and Program Evaluation
  • Patient-and-Family-Centered Care
  • Patient-Provider Communication and Language Access
  • Culturally Sensitive Care and Diversity Management
  • Patient and Community Engagement
  • Health Equity
  • Qualitative Research Design and Analysis


With over 60 years’ combined experience, the principals at Wilson-Stronks have the knowledge and experience to implement processes and practices that work.  Some of the specific work we have in our collective professional portfolio includes:

  • Principal Investigator for The Joint Commission Hospitals, Language and Culture study funded by The California Endowment
  • Lead author of One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Meeting the Healthcare Needs of Diverse Patients
  • Lead author of Advancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient-and-Family-Centered Care: A Roadmap for Hospitals
  • Program Director for Hablamos Juntos Grant to improve interpreter services program
  • Experienced in healthcare administration, quality improvement and compliance, nursing, psychology, and policy across multiple settings including Hospitals, Long-Term Care, Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment, Home Care, Private Practice, and Academia.


Our work is cited in numerous publications by numerous experts.  We are frequent presenters to national and international audiences on topics related to patient-and-family-centered  care and patient-provider communication.  Some of the audiences to whom we have presented:

  • Diversity Rx
  • National Association for Healthcare Quality
  • National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare
  • International Medical Interpreters Association
  • Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy
  • American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration
  • The Institute for Diversity in Healthcare Management

What We Do

Amy Wilson-Stronks, MPP, CPHQ

Principal and founder Amy Wilson-Stronks has more than twenty years’ experience working in healthcare as a quality improvment professional, researcher, and policy analyst advocating for improvements in patient safety and advances in equitable care for vulnerable populations. Read more..


Wilson-Stronks works to create change that that advances quality, safety, and equity by supporting awareness, competence, and skill among the diverse stakeholders in healthcare. Our approach includes assessment and evaluation, technical assistance, and education to produce culture change.


Wilson-Stronks advocates for the quality of healthcare; building bridges between those who need it and those who provide it. Our process creates a safe space for uncertainty, allowing stakeholders to identify needs and direct efforts to achieve their goals.