Open enrollment: Getting everyone on board.

Open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace begins October 1st, enabling many Americans to purchase health insurance for the first time. It is estimated that 48 million Americans are without insurance, and it is estimated that about seven million people will purchase insurance through the marketplace.

But what about the hard to reach populations? While more Americans will now be able to purchase insurance, it is going to be very important to reach out to some of these “challenging” populations in the coming months to ensure that these populations are educated about their insurance options and have the resources to enroll in the health plan that is right for them.

Amy Wilson-Stronks recently attended a White House briefing on the Affordable Care Act and the LGBT community and was able to learn about targeted efforts to communicate with the LGBT community about open enrollment and new rights under the ACA, including banning discrimination of withholding healthcare services based on gender.

Resources to share with the LGBT community:

A new website that will be providing educational resources for the LGBT community over the coming months:

Tressa Undem’s presentation on communicating to the LGBT community about open enrollment:
Video footage of Secretary Sebelius at the White House briefing :

Individuals who speak English as a second language pose another set of challenges for ensuring healthcare access. Many legal residents will become eligible to purchase health insurance for the first time:!

As healthcare providers, public health workers, and advocates for all types of individuals, it is our responsibility to spread the word. Open enrollment begins October 1st:

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