Working Collaboratively

Wilson-Stronks works with organizations, communities, and businesses to promote health and healthcare quality, compliance, and patient-and-family-centered care through advocacy, consulting, and research. The collaborative team at Wilson-Stronks prides itself on an outside-of-the box approach to addressing the challenges faced by our clients. There is no “one size fits all” solution, but working collaboratively with our clients we support delivery of the highest quality health care to every patient.

Acting Collectively

Our understanding of the intricacy of healthcare delivery systems helps us prepare our clients to be smarter patients, more responsive healthcare organizations, and better stewards of our healthcare resources. We help healthcare organizations understand and reach the communities they serve so that they are able to make improvements that result in higher quality care, better outcomes, and cost savings.

Who We Are

Wilson-Stronks is a healthcare quality advising firm that partners with patients, healthcare providers, quality professionals, researchers, policy analysts and community activists to advocate and to act to create improvements in patient safety and healthcare delivery. Learn more…

Putting Patients in Patient Safety

Find out how you can create systems of care that support patient safety for all patients. Involving patients is only part of the solution.

Our Clients

Our clients include healthcare systems, organizations and clinical practice centers; local and state government agencies; academic institutions and health profession schools; non-profit and for-profit companies, and professional organizations.

What We Do